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 "Hi Cirese! So happy to have ran into your booth in Verona this weekend! Can't wait to use your soaps. I love them!"               "Girl keep making that great product! DO it girl."
"OMG!!! I luv the lotions that this company makes the lemon,...........OH and the soaps just light up my bathroom my husband loves the smell of these products."
"Hi Cirese! How are you? Remember me - we met at the Peter's Valley Craft Festival - I was there with my husband and we were your last customers of the day! I love your soaps! "
"Jacid Soto Hello, I had the wonderful pleasure to meet you and purchased a candle from your booth. I must say I love your products."
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"Looking for a beachy experience in the comfort of your own home? Try out this novel exfoliating soap—infused with a crisp summer scent—made with real sand!"

- The Rachel Zoe Report

"Bobbi was at a market of some sort, and there was a young girl there who made homeade soap. Bobbi loved her soaps and established a rapport with the girl. Eventually through this relationship, she asked her to create a soap for her and Sandbar was born. Thats the basic story. I know there was more. No matter, it's still a good story."

 The Beauty Alchemist

"Unlike the Hillside Swap, the items weren't free, but most people didn't mind plunking down cash at the Fall Fine Art and Crafts Fair at Brookdale Park this weekend. Some favorite finds included Cerise Clindinin delicious smelling shea butter creams and the hand crocheted items from FSallSelection. Kids (and some Waldorf loving parents) were impressed with handmade wooden airplanes and cars from Winter Hawk Woodcrafts. Tell us if you stopped by and what your favorites were."

The Montclair Patch     By Tara Chowaniec | October 18, 2010